Dog Hair – Know More About Your Pet

Dog Hair - Know More About Your Pet

Pets have special types and textures of fur. It is the dog hair, for example, that facilitate the differentiation and similarity from one breed to another, making our little friends more and more unique.

In addition, a beautiful and healthy coat is also a sign that everything is going well with the health of your pet, so it is important to be aware of changes in the appearance of the hair of the dog or puppy.

If it becomes too opaque, for example, and falls excessively, it may be necessary to take your dog for an evaluation at the vet. You must always be well aware of your little friend’s health, so always look for qualified veterinarians!

We have put together a complete guide on dog hair, so you can know everything about it. Come check!

After all, what are the types of dog hair?

After all, what are the types of dog hair?

  1. Short and smooth, with a smooth texture;
  2. Or they can be short and hard to the touch;
  3. Short and curly;
  4. Or even very long and smooth;
  5. But we also have long and curly ones.

Are you curious? Now know the differentiation of the types of dog hair and find out how to care to keep your pet always beautiful!

1. Short smooth hair

Short smooth hair

The category of smooth short hair is the most common. You can recognize it as a smooth, thin thread, which can reach up to 5 centimeters in length.

  • When brushing should be done: Brush at least once a week, or more, during periods of changing hair, to prevent the dog from spreading too much hair around the house.
  • When grooming should be done: As the hair in this category is already shorter, only hygienic grooming is recommended. That is every 15 days or once a month.

Breeds that have short and smooth hair:

  • French Bulldog
  • Pinscher
  • Doberman
  • Boxer

2. Short and hard hair

Short and hard hair

The schnauzer is known for being docile, playful, and ideal to have around. He is one of the short, hard-haired dogs.

Slightly longer than the previous category’s hairs, reaching up to 10 centimeters in length, the short and hard hair has a thicker texture, being even visually thicker.

  • When brushing should be done: Brush your little friend’s hair once or twice a week, and provide a hand stripping at least twice a year. When the hair change period arrives, that is, when the seasons change, you can increase this frequency a little to three times a week.
  • When to bathe: It is recommended that dogs with short, hard hair should bathe every 3 or 4 weeks.
  • When the grooming must be done: The grooming must be done only with a machine and whenever you feel the need to adapt your pet’s hair to the standard of your breed.

Breeds that have short and hard hair:

  • Schnauzer
  • Fox Terrier
  • West Highland Terrier

3. Short curly hair

Short curly hair

Dogs with short curly hairs require greater care from their owners, as they get dirty more easily and easily make more knots in their hair.

They are usually hair that does not exceed 5 centimeters long and wavy or even curly.

  • When brushing should be done: Brushing should be done once a week, paying attention to possible knots in the animal’s fur and taking care not to hurt it.
  • When to bathe: The bath should be given every 20 days in dogs with short curly hair, using products with high hydration power, appropriate for your little friend.
  • When to cut: It is recommended to use a machine and scissors to shear these dogs. The grooming can be hygienic or made to adapt the dog to the standard of its breed.

Breeds that have short, curly hair

  • Bichon frize
  • Shih Tzu
  • Poodle

4. Long straight hair

Long straight hair

Also quite common in different dog breeds, long-haired dogs need daily care to maintain their hair’s health and beauty, preventing them from becoming embarrassed and brittle.

The long, smooth coat for dogs is usually formed by straight hairs and more than 10 centimeters in length, with different thicknesses.

  • When brushing should be done: They should be brushed daily, also in order to avoid knot formation. So try to brush your pet’s fur every other day.
  • When to bathe: They should bathe every 15 days and also with products with high hydration power, suitable for veterinary use.
  • When should the grooming be done: The grooming can be more creative in dogs with long, smooth hair, as there are more hair and volume to work with. It is recommended, however, always to take these animals for grooming with specialized professionals.

Breeds that have long, smooth hair:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Afghan Hound
  • Bearded Collie
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Maltese

5. Long wavy or curly hair

Long wavy or curly hair

With hairs over 10 centimeters, dogs with long wavy or curly hair can also be styled in different ways by shearing.

  • When brushing should be done: Brushing this type of dog hair should be done daily to avoid knot formation. So, try brushing every other day.
  • When to bathe: The baths should be fortnightly or monthly, depending on the dirt accumulated by the dog in the hairs that, because they are longer, can get dirty more easily.
  • When the grooming should be done: The grooming is necessary all year and should be done, especially as hygienic grooming, to help prevent the dog from getting excessively dirty.

Breeds that have long, curly hair:

  • Golden retriever
  • Gordon setter

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