4 Healthy Habits That Can Harm You

4 Healthy Habits That Can Harm You

Sometimes, healthy habits can become a health risk despite your best intentions. What, what? Yes, it’s correct. One might think that a healthy habit repeated more frequently could only increase our well-being. True? Error! According to experts, good is also bad when it is done in excess.

So, here are 4 healthy habits that could be sabotaging your well-being without you realizing it. We do not want to alarm you unnecessarily, but we do want you to be aware of the consequences of not having them under control.

1. Drink A Lot Of Water

Drink A Lot Of Water

Not taking enough is as bad as too much. And is that water does not provide the electrolytes lost when you sweat profusely due to the weather or exercise. In fact, drinking a lot of water can cause sodium levels to drop, which could lead to fainting, brain damage, and even coma. That is why athletes choose specific drinks for themselves. If you are not a high performance athlete, the suggestion is to stick to the average 8 glasses of water and to do it when you feel thirsty.

2. Sleep Too Much

Sleep Too Much

Who would have thought that sleeping too much is as harmful as sleeping too little? No one! And we believe that it could benefit us just like the bears that hibernate and sleep so much. However, we humans have to stick to the hours of sleep indicated as adequate by the experts: from 7 to 8 a day. According to recent studies, those who sleep more than nine hours a day have a higher risk of mortality than those who sleep less than six. In addition, sleeping a lot can be a sign of a hidden disease: depression, apnea, and thyroid disorders. On the other hand, trying to regain lost sleep over the weekend is another healthy habit that could affect you, as it increases the risk of metabolic disorders.

3. Eat Protein Bars

Eat Protein Bars

It is very practical to substitute a protein bar for breakfast when we don’t have time. Or as a snack when leaving the gym or between meals. A protein bar may seem like the most harmless food in the world, but some brands incorporate many sugars into their product that does not benefit you. They can even make you fat. Therefore, it is advisable to read the label to make the correct choice. Make sure to choose a bar with at least 10 grams of protein, less than 15 grams of sugars, less than 4 grams of fat, and no more than 350 calories. You can also substitute it for 20 grams of almonds that contain 116 calories.

4. Drinking Red Wine More Than Recommended

Drinking Red Wine More Than Recommended

We know that some studies show that drinking red wine helps prevent heart attacks. However, it is not a free pass to overdo it. Certain studies suggest that in excess, it could be a risk factor for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The allowable portion per day is one glass (4 oz. 110 ml) of red wine and one glass of beer (12 oz. 350 ml) per day for women.

Finally, so that these healthy habits do not become risk factors, the key is moderation. Keep in mind that with measure, they can benefit you.

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