5 Family-friendly Dog Breeds

Five family-friendly dog breeds

When buying a family dog, you are spoiled for choice: which dog can best complement your family? We give valuable tips.

Dogs give the whole family fun in the joint exercise, a sense of responsibility, and develop into a reliable partner for everyone. But which breed should it be? Which dog breeds fit particularly well into a family? Which dog does particularly well as a family dog?

Before making a decision, it is essential to consider what you can offer a new family member. How do you live? Are the children older, and can they help with their care? How do you spend your free time? Is there always someone at your home, or do you all travel a lot? So you can make decisions about the size and character of the dog together.

We recommend dogs that are not so easily disturbed by the lively everyday life with children. Races with a higher aggression potential are generally out of the question for families.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is the most famous family dog ​​because of its friendly, playful character. He reaches a shoulder height of 50 to 60 cm and, as an adult dog, still enjoys exercise and play, which makes him a great play partner for children in the long term. Since he is intelligent and capable of learning, a good education is also possible for beginners. Due to his balanced, calm nature, he is not easily disturbed by the hustle and bustle. If you are out and about in nature with him, you will quickly feel his love for water: every puddle, no matter how small, is celebrated extensively. Expect more time-consuming care for the Golden Retriever’s long coat.

2. Labrador


The Labrador has very similar features to the Golden Retriever. This dog is also intelligent, capable of learning, and needs sufficient activity in play and sport. His open-minded and curious character sometimes makes him seem a little more distant to strangers than other family dogs. He is considered patient, with strong nerves, and therefore also fond of children. The Labrador is also an absolute fan of water and quickly dries out because of its shorter fur. Its shoulder size reaches around 54 to 57 cm.

3. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

If you are looking for a dog with less urge to move, the Bernese Mountain Dog could be the right choice. In adulthood, he becomes increasingly calmer and less playful and has a very balanced charisma. Nevertheless, this family dog ​​has no problem when things get more turbulent around him because he is a very patient and confident dog. In contrast to the Golden Retriever and Labrador, he is not so trusting towards strangers. He has a slightly developed watchful instinct, expressed by barking, but by no means aggressive behavior. With a shoulder height of 58 to 70 cm, the Bernese Mountain Dog brings a lot of weight. It is, therefore, one of the larger family dogs. An adult must, therefore, always be present when walking. Unfortunately, it must also be mentioned that Bernese Mountain Dogs often have joint problems and are therefore not suitable for daily climbing stairs. Also, their life expectancy of around 7.5 years is rather low compared to other breeds.

4. Poodle


Even if the poodle is not very common as a family dog, it is an ideal partner for young and old. Small poodles reach a maximum shoulder height of 45 cm. Therefore, this breed is suitable for the whole family. Poodles are considered to be happy and friendly dogs who adapt quickly to their environment. These family dogs like to move and therefore need sufficient exercise and activity. Also, they are intelligent and have an above-average ability to learn and are, therefore, uncomplicated in their upbringing. This breed’s curly fur requires extensive care not to become matted, but these four-legged friends hardly shed any hair and are therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers.

5. Beagle


If you are looking for an energetic, alert dog who likes to have lots of people or other dogs around you, the Beagle is right for you. He is friendly, open, and not very aggressive, but also has a mind of his own. This family dog ​​also has a strong hunting instinct that requires excellent training. Despite a size of 33 to 40 cm, it is a robust dog that needs little grooming due to its short hair. However, you should pay particular attention to feeding and adequate exercise with the Beagle, as these dogs are very greedy and otherwise prone to obesity.

Please note: Even if every breed has certain genetic traits in itself, every dog ​​is an individual, and your upbringing will have a significant influence on it. Clear rules are particularly important in families because poorly behaved dogs – even if they are breed-wise suitable family dogs – can be dangerous for children.

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