How To Prevent Your Cats From Scratching The Furniture

Prevent cat scratching furniture

My sister is a fan of cats. I’m not lying to you, she has five in her house, and she loves them. Something that caught my attention is that her living room and the rest of her furniture are flawless. I asked her how she can prevent her kittens from scratching them, and she gave me some great tips that I now share with you.

Tips to prevent your cats from scratching on furniture

Tips to prevent your cats from scratching on furniture

The first thing you must understand is that cats are extremely intelligent. They know how to get the attention of their humans, so what you should do is identify their behaviors and offer them alternative solutions.

It is normal to scratch

It is normal to scratch

Scratching is normal in kittens, and there are several reasons why they do this:

  1. They are very territorial. At the bottom of their legs, they have scent glands, so they are marking their territory every time they scratch.
  2. They sharpen their nails. Cats also scratch and sometimes tear furniture because they need to keep their nails sharp.
  3. They are stressed. Another reason they scratch is because they are stressed or in conflict with their environment.

What to do?

The important thing is not to get mad at the cat or yell at it. Punishing your cats for engaging in behavior that is natural to them can intensify it. The screaming makes him more stressed.

Instead of punishing your cat, you can train him not to rip furniture. You can make scratching furniture undesirable to them by offering better scratching alternatives.

1. Cover the area they use to scratch

Cover the area they use to scratch

Does your cat love to scratch on the edge of the sofa? Cover the area using double-sided tape or things you don’t like the texture of, like a piece of paper. Cover the area in the training stage, little by little you will see that they lose interest in that place.

2. Put a scratching post in front of the scratching object

Put a scratching post in front of the scratching object

They are sold at some vets, or you can make it yourself. The important thing is that you do not hide it or have it stored. Put it in front of the place where it usually scratches so that cat sees that it has alternatives. Also, remember that they are territorial.

Offer them vertical and horizontal options because both are necessary for them. Make sure the vertical posts are tall and strong enough to allow your cat to stretch and scratch with its claws.

3. Avoid used cat furniture

Avoid used cat furniture

We love to save many times in bazaars. We can find scratchers and furniture for cats in good condition and at a reasonable price, but be careful, they detect the aroma, and if you bring a scratcher or furniture that was used by another cat, it will avoid it.

4. Positively reinforces good behavior

Positively reinforces good behavior

When you see your cat scratching the post instead of the furniture, give her something she likes: compliments, petting, treats. This practice works very well.

5. Never cut cat’s nails

Never cut cat's nails

Cutting your cat’s nails removes the joint in its claws, it is very painful, it can cause arthritis, and it can develop other negative behaviors like not using the litter box. If you file their claws, you are also taking away your kitten’s natural defense, which can lead to biting. It is a very bad idea.

Well, these are the tips. I hope they serve you.

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