7 Characteristics Of A Successful Remote Employee

7 Characteristics Of A Successful Remote Employee

It is easier to find a person who works remotely, even you, who are reading this, could be one of those people who carry out their work activities without having to go to an office five days a week. However, although teleworking is a highly acclaimed trend, being employed remotely is not a direct synonym for doing things successfully. Here we are going to give you 7 characteristics of a successful remote employee.

The idea is that you do not miss these qualities and begin to incorporate them into your routine as a remote employee, if you already are, or obtain these skills if in the future you would like to find a job to perform from home or from anywhere in the world.

Without further introduction, note the following characteristics.

1. Self-discipline


It goes without saying that in remote jobs the boss will not be looking over his shoulder to know if you are up to date with the pending tasks that you have to deliver, a typical attitude in face-to-face office environments that generates a lot of discomfort in the partners, but when it comes down to the truth, it turns out to be a necessary engine to attract the discipline they require and to carry out work activities as soon as possible.

With work from home, this is over; However, now you will be your own supervisor, and you must obtain self-discipline, fill yourself with will and self-control to ignore distractions, focus fully on your work activities, and always comply with the required times and quality standards.

2. Motivation


A successful remote employee also requires motivation as the central flame to ignite those spirits for performing daily work activities.

When teleworking, there are few incentives to do things that come from outside, so you and only you will be responsible for internally activating that state to be 100% willing to meet certain objectives and get involved with work activity without falling into the process.

3. Organization and productive time management

Organization and productive time management

Especially if you are freelancer or self-employed, you work on different work projects simultaneously, and several clients request your professional services, the characteristic of success is in the way you organize and manage your time hand in hand with productivity.

This is a quality that employers value above many others, so much so that curiosity about how you organize will probably arise in different remote job interviews, as a result of the importance of in-depth learning to prioritize tasks, time frames of focus, set clear goals and create an effective routine.

4. Effective communication

Effective communication

The main characteristic of remote work is that communications must be effective for all processes to be aired successfully.

It does not matter if it is verbally, through calls or videoconferences, or if one tries to compose emails or messages through instant communication channels, a successful teleworker knows how to transmit his ideas without giving rise to misunderstandings that may affect the flow of work, always clarifying if you are up to date with the instructions you receive or being able to clarify the doubts that may arise in others at the time of who gives suggestions or directions.

5. Up-to-date digital skills

Up-to-date digital skills

Up-to-date jobs require up-to-date skills that only qualified professionals can boast of; in the case of remote work, all remote employees are up-to-date with the tools and skills required to carry out their work through new technologies.

However, for the successful remote employee, who complies with this characteristic, it is not a problem to adapt to the most commonly used digital work tools at the moment or to adapt to those that may arise along the way, considering that this is a constant modality: growth and innovation.

6. Self-sufficiency


As we have mentioned repeatedly, professionals who carry out their work remotely have the power to be free, but their freedoms carry greater responsibilities, such as exercising their employment with self-sufficiency.

Especially if you are a freelancer or work with companies that communicate asynchronously, a characteristic of high-value remote employees is that they assume their independence and take responsibility for their educational training, organization, references, and methods to develop quality work, without the need to go to a specific figure constantly.

7. Adaptability to change

Adaptability to change

The teleworking trend is constantly evolving, and the majority of companies that allow and promote the remote work modality come from flexible digital environments and are very thirsty to be prepared for everything the future has to offer, that is why that they will always direct their gaze towards those collaborators willing to do the same.

Adaptability is a skill that we could consider essential to successfully carry out your work as a remote collaborator, developing projects that respond to the needs that arise along the way, but without affecting the objectives set initially.

On the other hand, if you are a freelancer or self-employed, as a general rule you will be forced to work with different types of clients within projects that can vary significantly from one to another, and this is where we again see that need to assume this constant “swing” that It will probably characterize your working life from now on.

Now that you know the characteristics that best identify a successful teleworker, all you have to do is ask yourself: Are you doing your best to develop these skills?

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