Privado: The Alternative To The Google Search Engine That Respects Your Privacy

Privado: The Alternative To The Google Search Engine That Respects Your Privacy

If there is something that Google, Facebook, and Huawei have in common, it is that all three are large companies that have been repeatedly accused of violating users’ privacy. Google’s case is special, as the big G almost completely dominates the mobile app market. In addition, its search engine is the most used worldwide. Therefore, practically everyone in the world is exposed to being spied on by Google.

This can be solved by looking for alternatives to your applications and services, which is not easy. Here we bring you a totally secure and private search engine that is perfect for replacing the Google search engine to help you. Don’t you like that Google is aware of everything you are looking for on the Internet? Then it is time for you to start using Private Search, a search engine that guarantees your privacy.

Welcome To Privado: A Place Where Your Searches Are Always Private And Secret

Welcome To Privado: A Place Where Your Searches Are Always Private And Secret

Private Search is a search engine, just like Google Search. What does this mean? You just have to write what you want to find on the Internet and then show you a series of results. Unlike Google, doing this Private Search process does not identify you. That is, it does not relate your identity to the things you are looking for. Therefore, you can use this private browser without an account.

In theory, Google is also private, since you can use it without an account. However, Privado does much more than that to ensure the privacy of your Internet searches. This search engine has as fundamental pillars of its operation the following three conditions:

  • It does not allow the use of cookies for tracking: Cookies are pieces of code that web pages leave on your device to save information about you and track your online activity. Therefore, Privado automatically stops websites from using these tools.
  • Your personal information is not stored or tracked: Privado’s servers do not keep a record of your searches. Nor do they save data that could be related to you, such as your location.
  • Your search terms are encrypted: that way, what you search on the Internet with Privado cannot be clearly seen in your browser’s history, since the words are in the form of code.

In addition, Privado ensures that your data will not be sold to any company. Thus, the search engine guarantees that the ads you will see are not personalized and will not follow you, as they cannot be related to you in any way.

Do you already know how Privado respects your privacy? Well, now let’s talk about its characteristics as a search engine. Privado is available for both desktop and mobile. It has an application for Android, but you can also use it by entering its website. Both clients have an interface very similar to that of Google Search, so it will be very easy for you to use it and get used to it.

On its home page, it only shows you a bar for you to enter the terms you want to find on the Internet. Once you do, Privado will show you various websites, but it also has sections dedicated to finding images, news, videos, and even maps (with Bing Maps). Like any good search engine, Private Search has search filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

It also has a safe mode (to prevent inappropriate results from appearing) and a section where they recommend related searches.

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