7 Steps To Effortlessly Wake Up Early And Make It A Habit

Steps To Effortlessly Wake Up Early And Make It A Habit
Steps To Effortlessly Wake Up Early And Make It A Habit

If you belong to the club of people who delay their alarm for five minutes to get more sleep, it’s time to switch to the team of CEOs of the most important companies, who start their day before 5:00 am. How? Following 7 steps to wake up early.

It will not be easy, but after doing it for 21 days, it will become a habit. Your life will change radically since, according to the Medium portal, it has many benefits such as increasing confidence, being more positive, optimistic, and competitive.

1. Set the alarm and don’t snooze it

Set the alarm and don't snooze it

It is the most obvious step to wake up early, yet it is often forgotten. So before sleeping, set your alarm to make sure you wake up. You have to forget to snooze it to sleep for five more minutes, which will only delay you and cause stress. When you realize how beneficial it is to get up as soon as the alarm goes off, you won’t stop doing it.

2. Make your bed

Make your bed

Don’t leave your house without making your bed! It is a very simple and essential activity that you have to start doing. Various surveys and studies have shown that making your bed comfortable when you wake up will transform your day, and you will feel more productive and happy.

3. A cold bath to wake up

A cold bath to wake up

Surely you think you are going to catch a cold, especially taking a bath so early when the sun is still out. But showering in cold water for 30 seconds, switching to hot for another 30 seconds, and returning to cold water will help you wake up and be more efficient during your day.

4. A coffee for breakfast

A coffee for breakfast

If you feel very tired when you wake up early, a shot of caffeine will help to boost your energy. You can prepare your coffee as you like, if you are not a fan of this drink, you can try alternatives such as teas that contain caffeine.

Also, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it. Adding foods like oatmeal, nuts, or green leaves will help you stay alert.

5. Listen to music

Listen to music

There is no better way to start the day than by listening to your favorite songs. This is scientifically proven, as it directly impacts the body. If you are one of those who has the speaker in the bathroom to sing while you shower, we are not going to judge you, many of us do!

6. An exercise routine

An exercise routine

You don’t have to run for miles or spend hours in the gym if you don’t have time. You can put together a routine at home that allows you to exercise your muscles and fill yourself with energy when you wake up early, for example you can do some yoga. Even walking 20 minutes is enough. Please do it!

7. Go to sleep early

Go to sleep early

You must rest for 6 to 8 hours a day, so try to go to bed early. This will make it easier to get up early in the morning with more energy. Forget the cell phone and relax to be able to fall asleep.

Are you ready for the challenge? Waking up early is the key to success; Tim Cook is the proof. Also, your day will yield more. You can!

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